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Computer literacy is essential in today’s world. Therefore it is important that children learn about computers and how to use them from a very young age. Easy Way To Computer Studies for Primary Schools is an exciting and colorful series of seven books designed to provide students at the primary level with a basic understanding of computers.

The books will help children understand computers in the most practical way. Presented in a clear and simple style, the books contain pictures and illustrations to make learning interesting.


By the end of Butterfly Dialogue of Islam Book Class 1 children will be able to:

Learn who is Allah

Know what are the blessings of Allah

Understand the Importance of Quran

Identify themselves as individuals

Gain knowledge about Our Religion Islam

Realize the Importance of Mecca and Medina

Follow Our Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) teachings

Benefit from the good effects of Salah(Namaz)


It’s great when children develop a love of books at a young age, book choice is very important in developing that love. Give them something boring to read and they’ll quickly lose interest.

But science books specifically written for kids are a sure-fire way to grab their interest.

The umbrella of scientific topics is magical to children: animals, space and experiments are all full of wonder to young children so why not help them learn about this wonder while they’re young to see what develops.

Even children’s fiction finds it difficult to match the most fascinating stories of nature that are explained through science.

So without further introduction here is our detailed list of the best science books for kids:


Social Studies for Pakistan is a complete social studies course for pre-primary (A and B) and primary level (1 to 4).

The series covers topics from geography, history, civics, economics, culture, rights, values, and religion.

The text has been updated and thematically divided into units.

Lessons are presented in a variety of ways and are supported by questions to encourage critical thinking and activities aimed to give a better understanding of their immediate environment.

The gradual progression of topics helps children learn social values and be responsible citizens.


If you are looking for kids urdu book  for your kids then you are at right place. This kids stories book is come up with really interesting stories.

The Best Part of this kids book is that it is specially designed for Pakistani kids in Urdu for batter understanding.


English for Early Learners introduces English to young children through a wide range of listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities. It is a pre-primary series of three sets of materials for PreNursery, Nursery, and Kindergarten aged children. For each stage there is a Student Book with CD, Teaching Guide