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We conduct secondary and primary research for our books and other materials to be published and develop these books and materials in line with the recommendations of the findings of the research and design it before it is sent for printing, publishing and marketing.We also conduct, publish, provide and promote highest quality scientific research in social sciences, especially education.

Our vision is “Irrationality-and-Prejudice-Free-Pakistan”.


We confine ourselves to the educational books alone and our first and foremost priority is the school textbooks.
Selected research books and literary works are only published if they are manifestly and inevitably required for and are completely and clearly aligned with the mission of the Company.
Our publications are based on scientific research of good credibility and they are culturally sensitive too.


The department of Professional Development administers teachers/staff training programs as its own activity or in response to the request it receives from our clients. we are also provide free our text book key-books, Break up, Sample Papers for how to teach our bright Students

Why Snowman Books

Reading is important because it develops the mind.Teaching young children to read helps them develop their language skills. It also helps them learn to listen. Mental Stimulation,Stress Reduction,Knowledge,Vocabulary Expansion,Memory Improvement,Stronger Analytical Thinking Skills,Improved Focus and Concentration,Better Writing Skills.

Our Books Speak for themsleves!

To publish and make available for every Pakistani in particular and for every human being of the world in general, the highest possible quality and standard educational books of such type that can provide students, teachers and parents with optimal learning, enlightenment, skill and propriety.

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